Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tracking Your Period How Do You Know If Your Period Is Heavy And Light?

How do you know if your period is heavy and light? - tracking your period

Also, as you follow your rules?


Sara said...

If the flow is that if theres a lot of blood, then realize with a weight of resources and theres only when light

Heped hope;)

Polyvore Outfitter =) said...

You can determine whether it is heavy and light, because more blood = serious
Light = less blood
up .... can reach 25 to 40 days between the times and can last from 2 - 8 days
Congratulations, a woman? I'm only 11 and has for 8 months, to consider themselves lucky, Urs, now or in 13 My mother told me: Welcome to 40 years of monthly complaints Lol

nonopoo said...

do u bleed a lot, like a few spoonfuls of tea per day. , Or a bit of a teaspoon per day. U keep a calendar entry. 28 days must not be empty

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