Monday, January 18, 2010

Find Property Rentals Where I Can Find Home Owners Insurance Policy For A Rental Property That Also Covers The Property Management?

Where I can find home owners Insurance policy for a Rental Property that also covers the Property Management? - find property rentals

We have a company that management takes care of our rental properties. They force us to a policy of house and leave homeowners with their name on our liability. This type of policy does not seem to be the norm and is therefore difficult to find. Can anyone help? The house is located in Texas. Thank you!


Phil said... - try this one. I have my insurance with them. How do I know that offer this service.

jlf said...

They should not be a policy on a rental property in all - the wrong kind of coverage. You should consult an insurance and discuss the coverage of this right. Has asked the management company will probably be appointed a "further" in politics.

ranger_c... said...

In property management company that I use the same requirement for liability insurance. I have all the states. were added to my Lord of the land of fire insurance package.

Oldmanse... said...

Farmers Insurance to write a policy of May and the name of the company as the property lienholder.

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