Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Metal Parlor Stove Where Could I Get A Tongue Ring?

Where could i get a tongue ring? - metal parlor stove

Well, OK, I just pierced my tongue today, and want to 3 weeks ... Jewlary I looked at the tattoo studio that was for the language and where all the same, just a different size. I really do not know about the metal to have, because I know little about this ... God, I thank you, we do not chip or crack with my teeth ... ;]

What are the best rings language you recommend to reduce the risk of broken teeth on?


rawwrr! ima dinosaur! said...

U could try shopping! The Mall to go to the booths and have tons and tons of options. My cousin has a Sivle but that is a bit flat at the top and said that it helps prevent heart Chippin teeth! : D

Chris Hansen said...

At Walmart.

Chris Hansen said...

At Walmart.

jilliie0... said...


Adrienne said...

Tattoo places that tend to have really clean needles

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