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Eye Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes What Are Some Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes?

What are some makeup tips for brown eyes? - eye makeup tips for brown eyes

I have brown hair and brown eyes. What make-up tips will make my skin and eyes stand out?


life is good said...

I am a makeup artist and this is what I think.

Brown-Eyed Girls even more purple and electric blue

What you need

Prime eyes (which is necessary, but it is good to keep in the shadow space)
2 Shadows: One light, one dark
Makeup Brushes

The key to the perfect smoky eye, correct dosage. You want to make sure that add the colors make the perfect setting. It is also important, basic colors of light with dark rich colors pair. Nice mixes include: Soft gold base with the base of Deep Purple on, champagne with a bright blue and peach base with green.

Preparation of the eyelids. The key to keeping eyeshadow melting into your eyelid crease as the day progresses oil must be kept free of the eyelids. To do this start with an eyeshadow base (also called "first"). OBD I prefer MAC little color "on the lids before shadow. Freshface Or try Fresh Perfecting Eye Primer.

Apply eyeliner. If one of a typical Smoky black and brown or grayYou Apply Online on one of those colors above the upper lash line, drawing line thicker in the middle of the eye. If your choice of a jewel-tone eye (violet makes a beautiful Smoky eye), the violet eyes under a green coating or dark blue.

Mixed color on the tabs to a background color on the underside of a major Smoky Eye Look) (got to be, you need a lighter eyeliner. The key is "spot on it." You can get a little shade for the full effect patches.

Apply the base color of the light again, is the key to a smoky eye, a slight power base with the darker hue. I prefer a nice cream shade for my base. Sweep the bright, light shadow on the eyelids to your forehead. I love the Stila eyeshadow cream $ 20. The moisture of the foam "consistency seems to remain forever. My favorite colors are brown and pearl.

Mixing dark, but darker and darker color below the crease. Now that you have the base and eyeliner, it's time to get the smoke effect. You need a darker eyeshadow. With a mixture of color eyeshadow brush from your line, b lashthrough loans. Make sure that the mix of color from the line so that the stick disappears eyeliner. Stop the colored lines deep.

Check your work Make sure eyes match and blend color with a Q-tip, if necessary.


Think keep you in mind nude lips. Focuses In applying strong makeup (like the eyes and red lips smoking) on the eyes or lips, never both. (Think Angelina Jolie: We played well until his great eyes or mouth, never both. If it looked like a clown).

For a little fun, try a mask, blue or purple. It is blue eyes from his head.

Liner should not be in the form of a pencil. Eye shadow make-up experts know that some of the best eyeliner. To do this, take a eyeliner brush (available at Sephora, MAC or other store), wet, wet brush and DAB in the dark shadows. This allows a range of depth, accuracy. You can also use the shadows without wetting brush first. One way or eyeliner is necessary for smoky eyes.

This season, bright colors (blue is for you girls with blue eyes) and keep your eyessmoky but stay away from dark brown and black. Instead, go with Deep Purple, a golden-brown or one of the many vibrant colors this year.

My eyes are brown. I love them

surfin62... said...

If you could wish to neutrals, people start to brown eyes with a deep, rich browns and big eyes. But if you try a different color of green and purple. I hope that helps!

prettysc... said...

You can stay with the dark brown colors blue, pink and silver, some of them are your eyes are characterized

Sarah L said...

Covergirl these products GRET with brown eyes and hair!

Eye Enhancers 4-cosmetics in the land of forests or grayscale
Perfect Point Plus eyeliner espresso or charcoal
VolumeExact mascara in black, brown or black

xxkaitly... said...

Well, I purple and dark brown eyes, and looks great! \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ U0026lt, 3

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