Monday, January 11, 2010

Mental Health Training Question About Training To Be Mental Health Nurse(UK)?

Question about training to be mental health nurse(UK)? - mental health training

I am recovering from mental health problems and want to train mental health nurse if they have recovered. I'm trying to find the information you today, and it helps me be more motivated to rehabilitation. I'm 24, so is my age a problem? You can still get into college with only a few basic skills? How do your training? Like is a nurse? How long does it take? Any other information would be great

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His age is not a problem. If you do not have a level that provides the background and access to care, most schools. Only once all year and the preparations for the entrance of the UNI.

claire bear. Grrr! said...

I would try to access a course, since it is unlikely he can get a nursing course without them.

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