Sunday, January 3, 2010

Decorating Xmas Wreaths Why Is There A Tradition Of Decorating Front Doors With Xmas Wreaths?

Why is there a tradition of decorating front doors with Xmas Wreaths? - decorating xmas wreaths

I have never understood.
Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus ..... So, why do people put Christmas wreaths on the door?
The crowns are connected with death.


Gigit said...

The Christmas wreath is a pagan symbol adopted by Christianity. The wheel of the year is often symbolized by the crown. The circle has no beginning and no end, and that everything turns out in his statements time to its starting point, to repeat the cycle again and again. The Scandinavians started the tradition of hanging Christmas wreath at the beginning of the new year a new departure in the life cycle to highlight it. Egypt, Babylon and Rome have all made use of trees in their celebrations of the winter solstice. In Egypt, it has the palm, and Rome is fir. (See: Jeremiah 10,2-4). The most common tree species was Pinus sylvestris, which is found in many sacred forests of pagan temples, particularly those related to goddess worship in context. The tree originated in the forests of northern Europe and Asia, is a popular Christmas tree today.

Charles AKA CeeJay (Cheeky Lad) said...

Pagan or not, a Christmas wreath Evergreen these days is eternal life.
Charles "Cheeky Boy"
PS All our best wishes for both ...
Wicked Celebrates A Merry Christmas to you and all!
Peace and prosperity for all!

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