Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Free Replacements Henti Free Replacements For Broken I-Pod's?

Free replacements for broken I-Pod's? - free replacements henti

I heard a rumor that you and defects in the old I-Pod can mail and receive a free replacement. Is that true? I recently got my hands down, I-Pods as a present. One broke after only one day. The other is an I-Pod, that the first generation of FireWire technology, and uses the computer only supports USB. Therefore, I can not use at all. There seems to be a "secret", so I can post it to Apple and get replacement. If yes, I know exactly what to do. Thank you.


Doug W said...

Yes, this is the "secret", said the iPod 1-year warranty. Otherwise you will pay for it.

quantamb... said...

its called an iPod. not an I-Pod. goto 5B% 5D = macosx & x = 0 & y = 0

and free programs to help you connected iPod

black2oo... said...

Apple would never do, haha!

Let your garunteed this fraud.

He used to have on the place you bought it as given Circut City or Best Buy and rupture, which go to him a new one, but it is now set to.


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