Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pace Satellite Receiver SKY TV - Will A New Receiver Box Work With My Sky Card?

SKY TV - Will a new Receiver box work with my Sky card? - pace satellite receiver

I live in Germany, but I have my subscription to Sky in the UK, with a standing order - I have the 4-mix package - Knowledge / Style & culture, music and variety .... my sky box - an old 'PACE' died in me .... I was thinking about buying a speed DS440N Sky Box Digibox Satellite Receiver, which seems good for a weak signal areas. Or is there a better alternative?

Q 1 - If I buy this receiver box just display my sky card in the new machine pop and it works .....?
(My plate and the card can also be an engineer told me, and that is your definition of the receiver dead)

Q 2 - I pay 21 euros a month for my chains and I am satisfied with this selection - is it possible that these channels of cheap / free? It's just a pain that this section of the rules attached to an address in the United Kingdom in if now in Germany ...

Thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!! : D


Oops said...

I assume it will receive signals from the Astra satellite on your old box before his death. If so, you might get a new field, but your card will then be updated to adapt to his new field. I had this problem in England, meant the sky cried keep me quoting the relevant data in the configuration in the box, then activate the card. I do not know if it works in Germany, but do not understand why it should not. I suggest you activate with Sky before buying the new option, to be sure. Good luck

Lord Onion said...

You have to pay I'm afraid

Pearl said...

This table should serve as a direct replacement for your mailbox. You can get some channels with your current card, but the premium channels will not work until you call $ ky and ask them to update the card with the new field of work. You have to tell, the serial number. Field, but it is in the OSD menu.

Do not say you live in Germany today, as I believe this is a violation of the conditions of the subscription to $ KY. If they know you go on the block. At least that's what at least as recently relaxed their T & C's.

As for the reception of certain channels cheaper, unless a local cable company the channels you want, offering a lower price does not get. $ Ky is unbreakable encryption, so nobody can sell tickets to doubt!

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