Thursday, January 21, 2010

Diy Mobile Projection Screens DIY 'Flower Mobile'??

DIY 'Flower Mobile'?? - diy mobile projection screens

Mobile DIY Flower''?????
I saw love the "flower catalog PBTeen mobile news and fell in love with her, then he saw the prize and is out of love. Can anyone give me some DIY tips on how something like this for under $ 70?"
My general idea is a wooden tires, embroidery and painting preserved. then with the models of flowers on scrapbook paper flower making and fishing string or something like that wedged between two pieces of wood on the rim.
Thoughts? Other ideas?
Here's the real thing 7C4% 7C1% 7C% 7C6% 7Cflower% 20Mobile% 7C% 7C0 & = cm_src Schany Help would be great! THANK YOU!


Roxanne said...

I like your idea of the hoop and the distribution of flowers with the fishing line. You can also become a craft store to go further ideas. Enjoy! Roxanne

pissy_ol... said...
Scroll down to the cooling tower rack .. different sizes ... very cheap.
You can spray this .. Painted white or color you prefer. The phone tries to flowers was interspersed with thin new son. It is the band at the beginning of each line of flowers. You can with any kind of flowers you want for less money than they needed for the purchase.

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