Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shark Diagram Label What Are 10 Differences About Cobra Fangs And 10 Differences For Shark Teeth And Then 10 Similarities??

What are 10 differences about Cobra Fangs and 10 differences for Shark Teeth and then 10 similarities?? - shark diagram label

Hello ... I am working on a project and need a Venn diagram on Cobra and shark teeth teeth 10 on the side of the Cobra, making 10 in the middle, and 10 on the side of the sharks. for those who do not know ... I need 10 Differences on Cobra and 10 hooks on the teeth of sharks, then 10 ... and similarities Please Please Please try to answer that ... To the person who has more answers that are valid .. I agree with u # 1 and give the points UU want, and then can u or place ... Answer all the questions you want to answer stupid in my post, and I shall be forgiven for U points. . I know it's really stupid, but I need them. Thanks

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Smiley Girl said...

I did some research for you. I give the information I have found and can be sorted according to your wishes.
I had some problems with shark teeth, because there are so many different kinds of sharks, but you indicated on the hook of the Cobra. Anyways ... Details here:

Cobra Fangs:
- Set in the maxilla
- Can almost holes to escape from the poison
- 2 of them
- Growing up to 0.5 inches
- Replace when the snake sheds skin
- Angle of snakes in his mouth

Shark teeth

- Not attached to the jaw, embedded in the flesh
- Multiple lines
- New teeth grow continuously
- Keep your lower teeth Prey Prey Superior Court
- Growing up to 3 inches
- All teeth in the mouth are titself, but just different sizes


We hope that this will be useful for you. If you need sources, they are in trouble because they kept in mind. But if you really need it, I could probably find it for you.

Let me know if you need anything! :)

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