Thursday, February 4, 2010

Msn Error 80048831 Person Hacking Me Giving Me MSN Error Code 80048831?

Person hacking me giving me MSN Error Code 80048831? - msn error 80048831

He had to believe in piracy, but yesterday I had with this man, "making it difficult for me, threatened to come on line, if you have not done what he wanted

so it does not, of course, believe it today and went online to discover, it gave me this strange error "can not connect to the Windows Live Messenger
Windows Live ID or password is incorrect
Error code: 80048823 "
So I changed my password and signed in good and fine.

Then I fell asleep, and I went to log in again and got the same error that had given him again.

Tell me not to change to e-mails I want to know howwa done and how can you msn

How can someone make a mistake like that --
I am so


MyOpinio... said...

He can not give "outsiders" can not sign into Windows Live Messenger error code. "That comes from Windows Live Messenger.

If you have access to your data, sounds like you changed your password.
Unless you another e-mail attached to it (for instance, I have 2 and if I will be my password for the new password will be sent to the address of any kind) that you may not be an option to enter your e-mail Address change.

You can set up another e-mail account and see if it works. If so, then you know you have changed your password. If they had access. It could also simply be a coincidence.

I was threatened by idiots who said I could do that to me, no, unless they have access to your system or information.
If (they send a virus that can easily happen).

If anyone you know who can access your information and password, which you need to know it all have changed. Virus could be sent with your e-mail. When he came, and CHAngel your PW so I am sure that the use of the account.

vulcan said...

Simple maneuver was used, and the correction in the bond

Drama, Tears, Smile & Heartbreak said...

Can someone please help me with my problem with msn? ...

MCR fan said...

Do not assume anything without evidence. It could be just a coincidence.

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