Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fun Rabbit Cage Blueprints Rabbit Cage?

Rabbit Cage? - fun rabbit cage blueprints

So, I bought my new rabbit cage. wanted to know if you think it is big enough for them. I also wonder if we are, what race could determine whether this is a problem .. Oh, what toys I also add to make it fun for her? Here is the link to the cage


x.mollz.... said...

This cage is an ideal format for your rabbit, but maybe if it is slightly larger more, depending on their size must be increased.
I'm sorry, we can determine what is race, but in a position to say a pet shop, most likely.
May the toys for the subject put into a small ball and often found in tunnels of fun. One thing that I recommend it, a ball rolling, the outside of the cage. Although they are more of the hamsters that are comfortable for the rabbit to think. That may sound funny, but you can get rabbits, so one wonders about the garden did not get lost!
I hope this is helpful =]

Jacqueline B said...

First, how old is your rabbit? If they are still on vacation, then you can continue to take account of its cage when it starts to grow.
This is not hotot dwarf. Look at the size of the ears. It will probably be a big girl. You can always tell a potential volume of rabbits by the size of the ears. Rabbits have small ears, no bigger than an inch to inch and a half, while rabbits are larger, have larger ears about 4 inches and larger.

Victoria said...

It is .. a little smaller, but a room or outdoors can be run (but supervised) Place the balls of cats (with bells in them play), rabbits are like throwing things in the air and things that noise when they can be started. Sorry, I'm not very good with breeds of rabbits can not help you .. Try sites like breeds of rabbits, etc.

Faith-Ar... said...

seems good, because it is fairly low. if the size I'm after his fine, but when they grow, then you should have a larger cage. U could get a bigger cage or get anyway and U a pet should har small igloo so you can dazzle.

Breeds of rabbits Hotot

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